children at magic mick birthday show 3

Magic Mick regularly entertains at schools and academy’s of all age groups, from nursery to secondary, even year 11.
His School shows could be just a fun entertaining show for perhaps end of term, Christmas, school anniversary, reward event or any other special occasion.


I asked Magic Mick to do the entertainment for our school discos – he did an amazing job, not just once, but three nights in a row and all for free!
Without Mick’s generosity with his time we would not have raised half as much for the school. We used some of the money raised towards special educational needs resources – Mick’s special request. Most importantly of all, the kids had a really good time because Mick is so experienced with entertaining kids – he knows when to involve the kids in games and when to let them dance. Top man.

Julia Jackson

children at magic mick birthday show

Magic Mick can use his special talents to portray any specific message to either an individual group or indeed the whole school. Topics covered could be the importance of learning, anti bullying, stranger danger, healthy lifestyle, environmental issues the list is endless.
Fun days, summer fairs and multi school events are a speciality.
Disco with party games are also available.
Contact Magic Mick and he will be happy to discuss any school project.

Magic Mick is a part of

Magic Mick is a part of